“We're protecting the environment because it enriches us... yes, it enriches our economy… but it is also enriches us aesthetically, recreationally, culturally, historically and spiritually." Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

ABOUND SOLAR - Abound Solar is answering the world’s energy demands by ensuring the supply of renewable, affordable and abundant energy.  www.Abound.com

CITY of FORT COLLINS - Click on the following link for the City's 2009 Energy Policy or visit www.FortZED.com for information on the City of Fort Collins' role in growing the world's largest active zero energy district.

WestMOUNTAIN ALTERNATIVE ENERGY - a private fund based in Fort Collins, Colorado.  They manage a large and diversified portfolio of investments that include alternative energy and clean technologies; and are strong believers in partnering with communities, corporations and government.

WIRSOL SOLAR AG - Energy autonomy is our vision.  The solar future is our mission.  Complete details at www.Wirsol.com